924 Gilman Fliers

1993 Oct. 18 A

1993 Oct. 18 B

1992 Apr. 4 A

1992 Feb. 28 A

1992 Jan. 24 A

1992 Jan. 24 B

1992 Oct. 17 A

1992 Oct. 17 B

1992 Oct. 17 C

1992 Sept. 12 A

1992 Sept. 12 B

1993 Apr. 3 A

1993 Apr. 3 B

1993 Aug. 13 A

1993 May 7 A

1998 Oct. 23 A

Shows listed on The List

aug 17 sat Jawbreaker, Econochrist, Insurgent, Spitboy, Grimple (NM),
Paxton Quiqqly at Davis Teen Center
all ages 7pm *** @ (benefit for 924 Gilman)
oct 18 fri Green Day, BLATZ, Jack Acid, Alter Ego, Grimple (New Mexico)
at Gilman a/a *** @ Jack Acid tour Benefit (Blatz warning)
oct 27 sun Special Forces, Econochrist, Grimple (NM), Spitboy,
Kurupted Peasant Farmers at 550 46th Street, Oakland
Around corner from the Omni, at Nana and Fraggle's House
dec 8 sun Citizen Fish (UK), Econochrist, Paxston Quiggly,
Grimple at the Davis Teen Center all ages $5 6pm *** @

jan 24 fri No Use For A Name, Pollution Circus, Litmus Green (LA),
Disengage, Grimple at 924 Gilman Street all ages ** @
jan 26 sun Econochrist, Paxston Quiggly, Grimple, Good Grief, Bumblescrump,
The Drifting Cowboys at Paradigm Studios all ages $3-5 2pm ***
(Benefit for Nicaraquan Institute of Community Action)
feb 14 fri Grimple, Rancid at Cloyn Court
feb 21 fri Wynona Riders, Grimple, Good Grief, J-Church, Jabberjaw,
Monkey Brittle at Paradigm Music Complex all ages $3 8pm **
feb 22 sat Econochrist, Grimple, Rancid, False Testament (Va),
Circus Tents at 924 Gilman all ages ** @ (Gilman Benefit)
feb 28 fri FILTH, George Hated, Paxston Quiggly, Grimple, The Aborted
at 924 Gilman Street all ages *** @ (Needle Exchange Benefit)
feb 29 sat Blister, Econochrist, Special Forces, FILTH, Paxston Quiggly,
Spitboy, Grimple, Gag Order, spoken word by Bucky Sinister,
Wendy O-Matic at Paradigm Music Complex all ages about 1pm ***
Benefit for Contra Costa Alternative School (Early Show)
apr 4 sat FILTH, Section Eight, Total Chaos (L.A.), Grimple,
Lung BuTtEr at 924 Gilman Street all ages *** @
sep 12 sat Hellbillies, Grimple, Jolt, Tilt at 924 Gilman all ages ** @
oct 17 sat Spitboy, Buzzov-en (N.C), Sleep, Grimple, Gag Order
Less Miserables at 924 Gilman Street all ages ** @
oct 18 sun Insaints, Rancid, Grimple, Raooul, Less Miserables
at Pill Hill House a/a free Nana & Fraggle's, 2933 McClure St., Oak.
oct 18 sun Econochrist, Buzzov-en (N.C.), Grimple, Corrupted Ideals (L.A.)
at Your Place Too 9pm ** @
dec 6 sun Grimple at Your Place Too $3 9pm *
dec 13 sun False Sacrament, Schlong, Guano, Grimple at Your Place Too ** $3 9pm

jan 24 sun Grinch, Grimple, Gag Order, Less Miserables
at Your Place Too $3 9pm *** (Benefit for Leagal Fees)
jan 30 sat Econochrist, Grimple, Spitboy, Lung Butter, Chronic Decay
at the Phoenix Theater all ages *** @^
feb 6 sat Grimple, Sludge Plow, Backwash, Less Miserables at Gilman a/a ** @
feb 28 sun Sosa, Grimple, Filboid Studge at Morty's 18+ *
mar 13 sat Lung Butter, Grimple, Nationhood, Blindside, Cronic Decay
at Marcus Da'Anarchrist Birthday Party all ages noon free
1318 Hayes at Divisadero, SF
mar 21 sun M.D.C., Grimple, Rancid, Naked Aggression, Lung Butter
at Pill Hill Zoo House all ages 2pm 2933 McClure Street, Oakland
(Fraggle's 26th birthday party)
mar 28 sun Naked Aggression, Corrupted Ideals, Grimple, Room 237
at Your Place Too $4 8/9pm **
apr 3 sat Naked Aggression, Grimple, Insaints, Sharon Tate,
Psychiatric Petting Zoo (Reno) at 924 Gilman all ages $5 8pm *** @
apr 25 sun Econochrist, Grimple, Gag Order, Monsula at Your Place Too $4 9pm **
(benefit for bay area street youth)
may 7 fri Chaos U.K., Grimple, Capitalist Casualties, The Dread, Spazz
at 924 Street Gilman all ages *** @
jul 25 sun Rancid, Grimple, Dead & Gone, Bonecrusher at Pill Hill Zoo Haus
2pm 2933 McClure, Oakland (Toga Party)
aug 13 fri Grimple, Malignis Youth (AZ), Schlong, Grief (MA),
Iconoclast (NJ) at 924 Gilman all ages $5 8pm *** @
aug 25 wed M.D.C., Grimple, Dead And Gone, Cronic Decay, Lung Butter
at Your Place Too 8pm *** (benefit for Scotty & Fraggle's bail)
jan 28 sat Strychnine, Cancer Alley, Animal Farm at the Hof-Brau a/a $3 10pm **
:Cancer Alley (John from Econochrist and Grimple)

feb 7 sat Filth, Exodus, Grimple
at 1332 on 11th st. between 8th and 9th Ave., Oakland a/a $5 about 8pm
:Grimple and Filth reunions
jul 26 sun Grimple, Pretentious Assholes (Chicago), The Neighbors (San Diego),
Baba Yaga (WA), Talk Is Poison at Mission Records, S.F. a/a 7pm *** @
aug 1 sat Grimple, Apeface, Talk Is Poison, Myla (Chicago),
Army Of The Parasites (L.A.), Soilent Green (L.A.)
at Camden Teen Center, San Jose a/a $4 7pm *** @
aug 21 fri Grimple, Vile, Y.F.H., Bad Acid Trip, Weakling, Dead Smurfs
at Danville Grange Hall, 743 Diablo, Danville $5 a/a 6pm-midnight *** @
(Reekodo Fest #1)
oct 16 fri Apeface, Grimple, Y.F.H., Talk Is Poison, Retox, Oppressed Logic,
Last Round Up, Sworn Vengence
at Danville Grange, 743 Diablo Road, Danville a/a $7 6pm-11pm *** @
oct 17 sat Fifteen, Grimple, The Statistics, Political Suicide,
Embalmed Alive at Sugar Hill Skate Park, 420 Sierra Madrae, Fresno
a/a $7 7pm-11pm *** @ (Sugarhill closing down show)
oct 23 fri Christdriver (WA), Grimple, Noisegate, Artimus Pyle, Derailer (KS)
at 924 Gilman Street a/a $5 8pm *** @
nov 3 tue Grimple, Pig Iron at the C.W. Saloon, S.F. 21+ 9:30pm ** @
nov 28 sat Logical Nonsense (N.M.), Grimple, Word Salad, Red Scare, Godstomper
at 924 Gilman a/a $5 8pm *** @
nov 29 sun Logical Nonsense, Grimple, Oppressed Logic, Benumb,
Miserable Existance at Cocodrie, S.F. a/a 7pm *** @
dec 12 sat Neurosis, High On Fire, Grimple
at Justice League, 628 Divisadero, S.F. 21+ $10 9pm *** @ (KUSF)

feb 2 tue Grimple, Sangre Amado, Ringwurm
at the C.W. Saloon, S.F. 21+ 9pm *** @ (Lucifers Hammer)
feb 21 sun Bambuzal, High On Fire, Totimoshi, Grimple, Pig Iron, Tonopah,
Mental Case, Hostility, Hyperbole at Cocodrie, S.F. a/a 3pm *** @
(NOTE: This show may of been postponed)
feb 27 sat Grimple, Pig Iron someplace in Merced ?/? *** @
mar 19 fri Grimple, Old Grandad, Weakling, Captured By Robots,
Electric Summer (Japan)
at Mission Street Records, S.F. a/a 7pm *** @ (Pison Punks #3)
mar 28 sun Grimple, Fetish, Bobby Joe Ebola And The Children MacNuggets,
dj Pablo & Mykl, author Ed Rosenthal (ask Ed)
at Ashkenaz, 1317 San Pablo (near Gilman), Berkeley a/a $8 7pm *** @
may 1 sat Sangre Amado, Blessing The Hogs, Grimple
at the Tip Top Inn, S.F. 21+ ** @
jun 19 sat High On Fire, Cavity, Grimple, Gammera
at Cocodrie, S.F. 21+ 46 9pm *** @
ul 17 sat Benumb, Deadbodieseverywhere, Grimple, Antagony, Scratchabit,
Pig Destroyer (VA), Page 99 (VA), Monster Squad
at Danville Grange, Danville a/a $6 5pm *** @ vegan food
aug 21 sat Grimple, Brother Inferior (OK), Che Chapter 127 (Canada),
Vendetta Red (WA), Exit Wound at 924 Gilman, Berkeley a/a $5 8pm *** @
sep 18 sat Grimple, The Mishaps, Vanishing Subs, Kline Filter
at the Fatty Mocha, Merced 16+ $5 8pm *** @

apr 19 fri Ludicra, S'bitch (TX), Watch Them Die (ex Grimple & Word Salad),
Beware (L.A.), Hate Mail Killerz (Fresno), Crimson Baboon (in store)
at 924 Gilman a/a $5 8pm *** @ (Urban Guerrilla Zine)
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